Dedicated service or just when you need it


ATS Healthcare Transportation services: temperature controlled shipping of health care and medical products

The entire focus of the ATS Healthcare fleet is to ensure you receive the industry leading temperature management and security standards you demand. Our approach ensures greater flexibility, speed and security between all major centres across Canada. Appointment deliveries and compliance issues are a specialty at ATS.

Whether you're shipping by overnight air, courier, LTL or truckload, we only ship healthcare products alongside other healthcare products. ATS insists on a clean environment and never ships your high value products with regular, everyday cargo. From pick-up through to delivery, we employ leading RF technology to efficiently manage your shipments throughout the shipping process.

Whether you're shipping to the distributor, wholesaler, retailer, pharmacy or hospital we offer pay-as-you-go and dedicated services to make certain the most efficient, convenient and cost effective method is available to you.

ATS transportation advantages: