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    You can track up to 10 ATS shipment numbers.
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Temp-Trackā„¢ Temperature Control for medical freight shippingShip-Sure cargo security for medical freight shippingQual-Care Shipping Standards for medical freight ShippingNationwide Canadian Coverage for Healthcare Freight shippingReal-Time Online Visibility for medical freight shipping
ATS proactively monitors and manages product temperature en route and in storage to safeguard your ambient and cold chain shipments from loss. [+] Your high value healthcare products are kept safe through our meticulous security protocols including GPS Geofence route planning. [+] We ensure a clean environment for healthcare. Our shipping standards are among the highest. At ATS, we ship your healthcare and cosmetic products with the utmost care and attention to safety, cleanliness and security. [+] Ship your temperature sensitive products across Canada through our national network. We utilize climate managed equipment and facilities supported by more than 700 fully trained ATS Healthcare professionals. [+] The latest technology ensures efficient transport of your healthcare products and keeps them safe and secure while in our care. [+]