Dangerous Goods

ATS Healthcare ships a wide variety of regulated dangerous goods.

It is the responsibility of shippers to register with CANUTEC as a shipper of dangerous goods, and to determine whether specific commodities and quantities are eligible for exemptions as consumer commodities or limited quantities. Training is available from certain organizations and companies that are listed on the website of Transport Canada.

Shippers are required to utilize appropriate shipping containers from a dangerous goods packaging supplier and to complete and provide a Declaration of Dangerous Goods. For a list of dangerous goods packaging and supply companies who can help you classify and properly package your dangerous goods shipments, please visit Transport Canada.

ATS Healthcare accepts consumer commodities and limited quantities as defined, labelled and packaged in accordance with the TDG regulations.

Shippers are also required to provide a Declaration of Dangerous Goods. A Declaration of Dangerous Goods is printed on red and white striped border paper and contains the following information: