Quality and Compliance

By employing some of the most stringent product handling requirements of the healthcare transportation industry, ATS Healthcare ensures the integrity and quality of sensitive, high value healthcare goods.

Monitoring Temperature of Products in Transit

ATS offers real-time temperature tracking, monitoring and recording throughout the transportation of healthcare related products. This includes shipments by ground, air or a combination of transportation modes. As well, all our facilities and equipment are temperature managed with 24/7 visibility.


Our trailers, trucks and facilities are fully temperature mapped with winter and summer profiles. Features include:

The Highest Quality Standards

ATS Healthcare provides our customers with the highest quality standards, in part by extending the best practices of our healthcare customers, beyond their shipping doors. Over the last decade, we have implemented the technologies and rigorous standards to perform nationwide to our clients’ satisfaction and are formally recognized by leaders in the health care industry like SNC Lavalin and Infitrak.

We ensure compliance with the following:

LINKS: Health Canada Guideline 0069