Our customers' healthcare products are continually safeguarded by stringent, high level security protocols including Chain-Of-Signature, 24/7 tracking, data capture and retention, Geofencing, rigorous facility sign in procedures and the use of personal detectors.


  • TAPA
  • Chain of Signature
  • Tracking and Geofencing
  • Our Secure Facilities

All major customers of ATS Healthcare are members of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA). Customer security audits use the TAPA audit as their template.

ATS Healthcare has facilities certified by TAPA as Facility Security Requirements (FSR). An independent certification agent approved by TAPA is required to measure ATS Healthcare security practices against the required standard. This certifies that the facility as a whole meets the FSR standard.

ATS Healthcare has more certified facilities than any of our competitors in Canada.

In addition to our certified facilities, we have been TAPA certified for the movement of goods by truck. This is called TSR. We are the only Canadian carrier certified and one of approximately 5 in North America to have been certified in this manner. This certification targets equipment, policies, practices and people involved in moving products in a secure fashion.

Once certified for either FSR or TSR the company is required to participate in an annual audit to confirm ATS Healthcare continues to meet these rigorous standards.

The TAPA initiatives assist in other efforts as well, such as the certification process to become Approved Participants by Transport Canada as part of their Air Cargo Security requirements.

These uniformly high standards and certifications throughout ATS Healthcare result in the informed use of the latest in best practices and technologies in an organized and targeted methodology.

These practices help ATS Healthcare create and maintain a culture of respect and security awareness throughout our staff.

Chain of Signature

Allocating responsibility for product shipments as they travel within our vehicles and through our facilities is a principal initiative of ATS Healthcare. Chain of Signature (COS) procedures allow us to ensure a more thorough management and complete oversight of shipments, not just of regulated substances, but of all shipments.

By requiring COS documentation for every shipment, we assign strict personal responsibility to every employee involved in its transportation and delivery throughout the delivery cycle This includes drivers and facility personnel, through to each recipient's signed acceptance. Proof of Delivery can be confirmed through the ATS Healthcare site from 'TRACK A SHIPMENT' at the top of the home page at

Tracking and Geofencing

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) allow ATS Healthcare to track and report on the progress of every shipment as it moves along our nationwide network. GPS also allows the use of advanced security technologies like Geomapping and Geofencing.

Geomapping allows ATS Healthcare to plan each transportation itinerary by drawing a Geofence along the chosen route. This is monitored closely using satellite technology. A Geofence boundary is set for each vehicle using a Global Positioning Device. Should a shipment veer off its appointed route, an alert notifies an ATS Healthcare monitoring station, ensuring a prompt response. The driver may be contacted, and in the case of accident or theft, the police can be dispatched immediately.

Trucks and trailers are also equipped with high security locking mechanisms to ensure cargo integrity while in transit. Drivers are equipped with panic alarm devices that will instantly alert authorities in the event of emergencies or potential threats, whether to persons or products.

Our Secure Facilities

Security at the facility level is of great concern to all healthcare manufacturers. Over the years, ATS Healthcare has achieved the highest level of security in the Canadian healthcare industry. We’ve accomplished this through a multilayer security program involving all facets of facility reinforcement, access control, wide area monitoring, employee training and vetting, system alerts and alarms, and information protection.

Absolute security is a 'core concept' at ATS Healthcare. We bring this to reality by using a thorough mix of the most reliable equipment and technology, which includes:

  • continuous policy and procedural reviews
  • effective practices tests and plans
  • employee involvement and training throughout
  • regular auditing and maintenance of each item to ensure functionality and compliance

This encompasses 24 - 7 monitoring, the use of sign-in and out to track personnel and visitors, including personal metal detectors in some locations, to thwart inappropriate activities. ATS Healthcare employs full round the clock CCTV video monitoring - both the interiors and exteriors - of our warehouses and yards, coupled with photo-ID access-card systems that provide a further level of security for all concerned. Our procedures are qualified by SNC Lavalin Pharma.